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PrimuX installation manual (PDF file / zipped)

Version: 2012
Size: ca. 6 MB

Installation manual for all PrimuX adapters (PrimuX Typ II) and all operating systems.

CAPI_GET_PROFILE extension (PDF file)

Version: 20.09.2005
Size: 20 kB

Extended features documentation of CAPI_GET_PROFILE.

PrimuX manual  (PDF file)

Version: 06.2006
Size: ca. 47 kB

Documentation of the manufacturer messages for all PrimuX adapters.

PrimuX product overview  (PDF file)

Version: 08.2008
Size: ca. 590 kB

The entire PrimuX product range.

Linux FAQs

Version: 08.2006
Size: ca. 149 kB

Frequently asked questions that may arise relating to Asterisk, Tribox and Hylafax applications, as well as chan_capi, capi4linux and mISDN tools.