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TeleScout Manager

TeleScout Manager enables you to very comfortably configure your TeleScout router via PC. Up to now, you had to do the setup via the telephone device being connected to the router. With TeleScout Manager you receive any information, that has so far been given to you via voice prompts, from your PC screen. A further advantage being offered by the software is that you can print out any information or data as required.

Installation requirements

All you need is the TeleScout Manager software, which can be down- loaded at no charge from this homepage under Service/Telescout, as well as an ISDN adapter installed in your PC.

Even more comfort and transparency with TeleScout Pro

Would you like to have precise data and overviews, that go beyond the possibilities already mentioned, as for example: When did I make a phone call using which provider? What did it cost? What did I save? If so, here is how it works:

TeleScout Pro offers you - in connection with the free TeleScout Manager software - a complete log of your phone calls that you can easily print out or even export into Excel. For further information about TeleScout PRO please see under Products/TeleScout/Upgrades.

I would like to use TeleScout Manager, but, to date, I don't have an ISDN adapter.

Even this is no problem. An extensive assortment of high quality ISDN adapters is being presented under Products/PrimuX - market leader technology at competitive prices.