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TeleScout - best price telephony at any time

TeleScout is probably the best known GERDES' brand. More than 100.000 customers still rely on the intelligent and multiple consumer awarded least cost routers that auto- matically select the probably most-favorable rate for each phone call, so making them benefit from true cash savings. 

Saving money even beyond flatrate prices

Because making true and perceptable cash savings is still possible - even in times of flatrate telephony. Since even their rates offer additional potential for savings to numerous call destinations, especially to international and mobile desti- nations.

24/7 automatic preselection of the more competitive provider

Least cost routing is the underlying technology. It sees to it that a lot of information and data become collected and analysed prior to call connection: day time, calling line, call destination, detailed tariff information of all relevant operators etc. Only after the more competitive operator has been identified, call connection is set up. A complex and annoying job that TeleScout - objectively, indipendently and fullly automatically! - takes over for you 24 hours a day.

Reliable routing technology for all applications

The TeleScout router family offers least cost routing solutions for every area of application: whether it be for private homes with one anlog or one ISDN line, for homes or small offices with one BRI (S0 multi-terminal access) or for medium-sized enterprises with several BRI or a point-to-point PBX connection.

Great functionality

Besides perceptably reducing telephone costs TeleScout routers also feature a broad range of information and comfort functions as for example:

  • automatic fallback on busy (to the next best provider,
    no redialing),
  • generating, announcing/displaying of tariff information
  • various statistics funtions.

Efficiency, reliability and regular tariff updates promote TeleScout to the top ligue of least cost routers. After all it is not without good reason that they have been awarded by consumership so many times over the past years.

Installation and configuration

TeleScout configuration is almost completely automatic. Users are guided through the entire set up process by means of voice prompts or display (TeleScout HOME).

Small offices/Homes

TeleScout HOME
for 1 analog line
TeleScout START

for 1 BRI

More details...

Advanced applications


TeleScout BASIC
to be installed between NTBA
and terminal equipment
suitable for additional
point-to-point connection

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High end applications

TeleScout QUADRO
for PBXs with more
than 1 BRI

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Software upgrades

COMFORT upgrade
PRO version
from START, BASIC or

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Software extension

Configurate your TeleScout
via PC!

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