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MobileWall is a unique mobile device isolation system. The innovative signal detection and elimination technology is an effective weapon against the misuse of mobile devices in prisons. Unlike other solutions, MobileWall's elimination signal is only activated when an active mobile device is detected and is deactivated again once the signal has been disrupted, thus avoiding the issues concerning the use of a constant elimination signal.

Important note: Purchase and/or operation of MobileWall elimination modules shall be governed by the applicable national laws and regulations of the country concerned. Delivery will, at least within the EU, only be concluded by us after submission of a relevant official authorisation, e.g. for prison facilities, court rooms or governmental authorities.

The user-friendly MobileWall software allows prison staff to instantly pinpoint the source of the signal for rapid detection and confiscation. MobileWall is a practical, cost-effective solution which can be installed using existing cable networks within the facilities.

Suitable areas of application are all places where the use of mobile devices is restricted or even explicitly forbidden.

Application examples

  • prisons, court rooms, governmental or public authorities
  • conference and seminar rooms of companies and hotels
  • churches, mosques
  • schools, high schools, universities (examination rooms)

MobileWall is a modular system that is available in various cabinet versions and with different optional features.

Technical components and modules

  • detection module
  • elimination module
  • IP44 cabinet (optional IP65)
  • cooling fan
  • heating element (recommended for outdoor installation)
  • battery backup
  • 3D movement sensor
  • EoP connection (Ethernet over Power)

MobileWall proceeds in 2 steps:

Step 1: detection of cell phone use
Step 2: elimination of mobile activity

can also be operated in detection mode only. In this case, mobile devices are being detected and located, mobile communication, though, is still being allowed and possible. It is only with additional activation of the elimination module that all forms of mobile communication will also be disrupted within 300 milliseconds.

Health risk by radiation?

There is no radiation at all during detection and therefore no health risk at all for persons in the surroundings of MobileWall at the time. During elimination MobileWall has an output power of 2 Watt per frequency band. This equals the maximum GSM output power of a cell phone.

Eliminator activation takes place within 300 milliseconds after cell phone detection. The maximum time interval of activation is 30 seconds. There is no output power outside activation intervals. This means that MobileWall definitely causes no health risk by increased radiation i.e. radiation exceeding the standard level of radiation caused by a cell phone while being used.

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