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VoIP applications
Virtual SIP adapters (SIP adapters up to 120 channels)

PrimuX SIP adapters are virtual SIP adapters, which can be accessed by standard CAPI interface just like any standard PrimuX adapter. PrimuX SIP adapters use G.729a and G.711 codecs for voice compression and G.168 for echo cancellation.

PrimuX SIP adapters are especially useful for PBX applications, where ISDN and VoIP connections should be used in parallel for cost reduction or integration of home office phones into the office networks.

PrimuX SIP adapters are protected by an USB dongle.


Version No. Channels Price
PrimuX SIP 2
2801 2 89,- €
PrimuX SIP 4
2802 4 395,- €
PrimuX SIP 8
2803 8 665,- €
PrimuX SIP 16 2804 16 1.195,- €
PrimuX SIP 30
2805 30 2.300,- €
PrimuX SIP 60 2806 60 3.500,- €
PrimuX SIP 120 2807 120 7.500,- €

Technical details

Technical details

for all PrimuX SIP adapters

  • Support OS versions Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008 (R2), Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, single/multi processor platforms, 32/64 Bit
  • Dual-mode CAPI 1.1/2.0
  • Integrated network CAPI, Configuration utility
  • All PrimuX adapters can be combined in one PC
  • Speech communication without audible delays and echoes (typ. 8 ms)
  • Implementation of all ISDN supplementary services: Caller identifikation (CLIP, CLIR, COLP, COLR, KEY, MSN, DDI, SUB), call transfer (TP, CFU, CFB, CFNR), Call completion (CW, HOLD, ECT), advice of charge (AOC), 3-party conference, complex conferences.
  • External protocols: DSS1, 1TR6, NI-2
  • Protocols: X.25, X.75, transparent, HDLC transparent, V.110, T.70 NL, T.90 NL, ISO 8208, LAPD
  • SIP codecs: ITU G.711 (µ-law and a-law), GSM, ITU G.723.1, ITU G.726 und G.729
  • Package contents: PrimuX adapter, CD, cable set, documentation
  • 5 years premium warranty

Delivery contents

Package contents

  • CD with PrimuX SIP adapter:
    PrimuX SIP 2, 4,  8, 16, 30, 60 or 120
  • The CD also contains: CAPI driver, configuration and trace utilities
  • USB dongle for copy protection, alternatively, licensing linked to a MAC address possible on request
  • installation and operation manual