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Worldwide leading ISDN technology

Communication loss is critical these days. In the best case it costs money, in the worst case it costs lives. We assume that this is the most important reason for our customers to choose PrimuX for all their applications.

PrimuX is synonymous with most advanced ISDN technology. PrimuX ISDN server controllers feature the highest quality and reliability, with the guarantee of free software updates for the entire product life cycle being offered on top.

With the PrimuX series GERDES offers the broadest range of ISDN server controllers worldwide. Currently there are 39 high end server adapters available starting from 2 channels up to 120 channels per adapter for USB, PCI, CompactPCI or PCI Express.

This is why PrimuX succeeded in establishing itself as first choice for numerous demanding areas of application, an extract of these being shown below:

  • Since several years all major manufacturers of high speed trains (e.g. Bombardier, Chinese Railway, Siemens) use PrimuX adapters to connect to GSM-R for controlling the trains.
  • Special versions of PrimuX adapters (e.g. CompactPCI versions) have extended temperature ranges to allow the use for railway connections in regions with very low and very high temperatures also.
  • The connection of new digital fire department and police networks is also established by PrimuX adapters.
  • Some well known TV and radio shows use PrimuX adapters for running voting and other applications.
  • Leading opinion research institutes use PrimuX adapters for their call centers with more than hundred agents.
  • Highly sophisticated alert systems for hospitals and industrial applications rely on PrimuX.
  • And the PrimuX fax service provider is the most often used Windows Fax connection for ISDN lines.

Performance for all applications

PrimuX is the leading brand for professional ISDN technology. The PrimuX selection offers the ideal adapter solution for every customer requirement or area of application.

On top, PrimuX offers the greatest possible flexibility: All adapters can be combined without any problems. Whether you plan to build a huge fax server with a simple PC and one PrimuX adapter or a flexible PABX with a combination of different adapters, PrimuX is always the perfect choice.

Product overview

Small offices/Homes

ISDN adapter
for 1 BRI

Available versions:
S0, S0 NT,
S0 E, S0 E+, S0 E+ NT,

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Advanced applications

ISDN controller
for up to 8 BRI

Available in
2S0 - 8S0 or also
2S0 - 8S0 NT version,
2S0 E - 8S0 E or also
2S0 E - 8S0 E NT

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High end applications

ISDN controller
for 1 to 4 S2M

Also available as
1S2M - 4S2M NT,
1S2M E - 4S2M E, 1S2M E - 4S2M E NT,
1S2M C - 4S2M C, 1S2M C - 4S2M C NT,
1S2M V - 4S2M V, 1S2M V - 4S2M V NT

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VoIP applications

Virtual SIP adapters

Available in
2, 4, 8, 16, 30, 60, 120
channel version

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Related equipment
to PrimuX
ISDN server controllers

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