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PriSec sales extended to the Middle East

Meckenheim, 15 August 2012
PriSec communications and security technics is already in use in prisons throughout many parts of Western Europe. Soon the advanced technology products will also and not least see to better and more human detention conditions in the politically unstable Middle East.

Human rights organizations, time and again, complain of catastrophic conditions prevailing in the majority of prisons there. More often than not, the infrastructure is rudimental, not rarely totally destroyed or in the process of dissolving. At the same time, the number of prisoners held on political or other unlawful grounds increases steadily.

The PriSec product portfolio supports the implementation of more modern detention conditions and, respectively, prison conditions in general. It offers the prisoners access to communication and information, which are currently in the ongoing discussion as to be recognised as fundamental human rights.

PriSec also and especially takes care of improving the internal communication in prisons. Never being left to their own, but always having the possibility to get in touch with the prison staff or at least call for help, should always be an available option to every prisoner. Communications technics can here be life-saving.