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The most robust adapter of all time: PrimuX S2M VS

Meckenheim, 19 December 2014
With launching of the new ISDN adapter versions PrimuX S2M V and PrimuX S2M VS Gerdes AG opens up a new security class within its PrimuX product line which is in high demand worldwide. Both versions are suitable for VPX PCs, a PC standard for the aerospace and military markets. Using a special connector, VPX enables high speed serial communication and is therefore ideally suited for advanced military and industrial applications.


According to VPX standards PrimuX S2M V and VS withstand even the strongest shocks and vibrations. PrimuX S2M VS is further designed for an extended temperature range (-20°C to +65°C) and by a special anti-condensation coating guarantees perfect function even under the most extreme conditions. PrimuX S2M VS is the first ISDN adapter that is equipped with a lightning protection system according to IEC 61000-4-5 standard (against up to 5 lightning strikes at short intervals).


PrimuX S2M VS is the most robust and secure ISDN card of its generation and as a system component it is much asked for in the field of railway technology.