TV-report : Lower Austria today, 16-08-2016, Jammer in Prisons

15,000 illicit mobile phones in UK prisons

Meckenheim, 19 January 2017
State of emergency in UK prisons: The violence against staff and fellow prisoners is steadily increasing, as is the case with the use of drugs and illegal mobile phones. Especially the latter number has dramatically increased in 2015 with more than 15,000 handsets and sim cards recovered in jails over the year. The real figure is likely to be much higher.

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St. Pölten: MobileWall successfully tested

TV-report on the successful implementation of MobileWall mobile detection and elimination technology in the prison of St. Pölten, Austria. Broadcast 16-08-2016, 07:00 pm, in "Lower Austria Today - Latest News from the Federal States."

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1,426 mobile phones seized in Berlin prisons

Meckenheim, 01 August 2016
1,426 mobile phones have been seized by the Berlin prison staff during 2015. This is almost 41 percent more than during the same period one year before. The figures published by the Berlin Senate Administration for Justice and Consumer Protection reveal: Illegally smuggled mobile phones are a steadily growing issue in the penitentiary system, especially since the dark figure of devices inside the prison walls is presumably many times higher. The City of Berlin responds to the growing security gap with technological armament.

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Every tenth pupil cheats by smartphone

Meckenheim, 30 October 2015
Smartphones are not only ubiquitous in pupils’ private life, but also in school life. In a survey published at the beginning of this year by the German digital industry association BITKOM 92 per cent of the pupils aged from 14 to 19 answered that they regularly take their mobile phones into school. Every tenth of them also admitted to taking advantage of them for cheating.

In order to tackle the problem and to restore equal opportunities in exams, many schools meanwhile have adopted a general ban on mobile phones. Accordingly, pupils are required to put away their mobile devices and to switch them off during school time. This applies all the more during exams and tests that, today, are often starting with the teachers on supervision duty centrally collecting all pupils’ mobile phones.


The most robust of all time: PrimuX S2M VS

Meckenheim, 19 December 2014
With launching of the new ISDN adapter versions PrimuX S2M V and PrimuX S2M VS Gerdes AG opens up a new security class within its PrimuX product line which is in high demand world- wide. Both versions are suitable for VPX PCs, a PC standard for the aerospace and military markets. Using a special connector, VPX enables high speed serial communication and is therefore ideally suited for advanced military and industrial applications.


Expansion of the Board of Directors

Meckenheim, 01 October 2013
Gerdes AG has enlarged its high-level management: With effect from October 1, 2013 the Supervisory Board of Gerdes AG appointed Jennifer Jeschko, Operations Manager, as member of the Board of directors. In so doing, the technology company has sent a strong signal in the direction of its course of strategic growth. This has clearly gained momentum, since Gerdes AG has expanded its own core business to include communication and security technologies for prison facilities worldwide.


MobileWall for greater equal opportunities

Meckenheim, 11 April 2013
The good old cheat sheet has had its day. Today, smartphones are the much quicker and easier way to fudge on. As one of the first schools in Germany the Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium in Meckenheim has now in good time to the Abitur exams adopted measures to prevent cheating by equipping all public toilet areas that are released for use during the exams with MobileWall.

With the new technology all illegal mobile activity or mobile data transfer occuring in these areas is automatically detected within milliseconds, the supervising teaching staff is instantaneously informed. Since carrying or, still less, the use of mobile phones during the exams is strictly forbidden, the attempt of cheating is thus apparent. And it is then up to the school to decide how they are going to punish the infringement of rules.


MobileWall launches in New Orleans

Meckenheim/New Orleans, 18 January 2013
The illegal use of mobile phones by prisoners is one of the biggest headaches facing prison services worldwide. Whether they are used for organising criminal activity on the outside, coordinating drug deals or intimidating witnesses, they represent a growing security issue.

Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans, the 9th biggest prison of its kind in the US, has solved this problem with the launch of a MobileWall system for detecting smuggled mobile devices. 



14 December 2012

Reasonable measure: internet in prisons

Everyone has the right of freedom of information. And it is not only the right of freedom of opinion and expression that is enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The latter also includes the right...[more]

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08 October 2012

PrimuX adapters ready for Windows 8

Always ahead of the times, that's PrimuX: The worldwide broadest assortment of high-quality ISDN adapters is ready for Windows 8. The release of the new Windows operating system is announced for October, 26th. [more]

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15 August 2012

PriSec sales extended to the Middle East

PriSec communications and security technics is already in use in prisons throughout many parts of Western Europe. Soon the advanced technology products will also and not least see to better and more human detention conditions in...[more]

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