TV-report : Lower Austria today, 16-08-2016, Jammer in Prisons
  • with more detailed information about the broad range of communications, media, and security solutions for inmates and prisons.
  • MobileWall successfully launched in Orleans Parish Prison +++ Detection of mobile device activities within 200 milliseconds
  • Assistance in the fight against cheating on exams: MobileWall has proven effective and reliable during the 'Abitur' exams of Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium (Meckenheim/Germany)
  • Now available: the new adapters PrimuX S0 E and PrimuX S0 E NT for the PCI express slot
  • The most robust ISDN adapter of all time: PrimuX S2M VS - upgraded to VPX standard and designed for use in temperature ranges from -20°C to 65°C

High performance ISDN technology

The PrimuX product line offers the broadest selection of high performance ISDN server controllers worldwide. The high quality adapters cover every area of application: from ensuring reliable communication in private homes and small offices to controlling new digital fire and police departments or even high speed trains.


Professional security technology for prisons

stands for vandal-proof, 100% monitorable and controllable communications and information technology for prison facilities. The product line of- fers multifold telephony solutions, a light signal- ling system, media terminals for the prison cell, and with MobileWall state-of-the-art technology that ensures the reliable detection and - insofar as officially authorised - elimination of any type of mobile communication: phone calls, SMS, MMS...


Intelligent least cost routing

Best price telephony at any time - TeleScout makes it possible. More than 100.000 customers still trust in the best known GERDES brand that won numerous consumer awards in the past. Thanks to the intelligent least cost routers they make their phone calls always choosing the most-favorable rate. Benefiting from true cash savings doing so. Available in various analog and ISDN versions.