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Partners about GERDES

"As system house COM plan + service supports a broad range of companies - from medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. For all these companies communicating with their customers is an important economic factor. That's why COM plan + service offers its own customers full functionality 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For we  all know: Communication does not stand still.

To do so, we need strong and reliable partners. Partners who develop products and applications that enable us to meet and even surpass the needs of our customers.

Gerdes AG is one of our partners who ideally meets these needs of ours. COM plan + service has worked with Gerdes for many years now. The cooperation between us not only relates to the delivery of ISDN adapters or SIP licenses, but has since then evolved into a development partnership.

Gerdes' products connect all applications around our robot 5 platform to the world of communication. They do this reliably and securely. Gerdes products are in use, for instance, in call center applications for leading banking houses, insurance companies or various service providers. More than 100.000 phone calls are here transfered to the competent employees each month.

A further application deals with the alerting in emergencies. Clinics or industrial companies protect their services or assets by these applications. Especially in this are reliability, stability and security are essential product characteristics. Another field of applications are unified communications solutions. Computer telephony, audio conference servers, voice mail, fax or mobile applications increase the effectivity of our customers' employees. Here too, Gerdes' products are the interface to the communications systems or the network operators.

We are sure that we will further expand steadily our successful partnership and, through joint efforts, will win further customers."

Werner Oestreicher
Managing partner of
COM plan + service GmbH