TV-report : Lower Austria today, 16-08-2016, Jammer in Prisons

The GERDES Company

Founded in 1989, GERDES Aktiengesellschaft is an internationally operating technology provider. The company's core business areas are telecommunications and prison security technology.

ISDN technology in demand worldwide = PrimuX

More than 25 years of experience and competence in the development of pioneering ISDN technology have put the company in a worldwide market leader position for high demanding ISDN applications. With the PrimuX series GERDES offers the most complete range of currently 39 high end ISDN server adapters that fulfill the highest quality and security standards. PrimuX adapters are used in applications ranging from securing communications in private homes and small offices through the control of TV votings and big chatrooms up to reliably controlling emergency response centres of fire and police departments or even high speed trains.

100% fit for prisons: PriSec Prison Security

Beginning in 2009, GERDES started to expand the company's product portfolio into prison security technology and technics. An additional business segment  that is continuously expanding further and is increasingly responsible for the successful growth of the company.

PriSec is the brand that bundles the GERDES range of advanced communication and information technics specifically designed for prison facilities. Among various phone systems (public phones, prison cell phones, visit phones) the latest PriSec range offers cell call systems, emergency call systems, compact prison cell multimedia systems, video visitation systems as well as mobile device detection and elimination systems.

Awarded with many consumer prizes: TeleScout least cost router

Today, TeleScout is probably the best known GERDES brand having been able to win numerous consumer awards over the past decade. More than 100.000 customers still trust in the intelligent least cost routers and benefit, day after day while making their phone calls, from true cash savings. Best price telephony at any time, since TeleScout automatically selects the most-favorable rate for each call connection.

GERDES AG - owner-operated since foundation

GERDES Aktiengesellschaft was founded by Carsten Gerdes (CEO) and Carl-Friedrich Braun (CTO) who still own it and still lead the board of directors. As a result of the company's dynamic growth the management board was expanded on 01 October 2013 by Jennifer Jeschko, head of operations for many years, and again on 03 July 2014 by Stefan Martinstetter, Strategic Business Development. GERDES AG is well-known by international corporations, local enterprises and private users for being a constant and reliable partner in a highly competitive market.

Partners about GERDES

     Werner Oestreicher, managing partner of COM plan + service GmbH, about his company's long- standing cooperation with GERDES AG:

(...) "That's why COM plan + service offers its custo- mers full functionality 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For we all know: Communication does not stand still.

To do so, we need strong and reliable partners. Partners who develop pro- ducts and applications that enable us to meet and even surpass the needs of our customers.

Gerdes AG is one of our partners who ideally meets these needs of ours. COM plan + service has worked with Gerdes for many years now. The cooperation be- tween us not only relates to the delivery of ISDN adap- ters or SIP licences, but has since then evolved into a development partner- ship." (...)